Rothko Chapel

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Visiting the Rothko Chapel has been on my bucket list ever since I studied Mark Rothko’s work. People say one can’t just look at his work through a screen or in a book. You have to experience it, be in it’s presence. It’s almost like a religious experience. When I was there, I understood what they had meant.

The building had been designed by Rothko himself, who chose the octagonal shape of the building inscribed in a Greek cross with a skylight over the middle of the building. The interior serves as a chapel belonging to no specific religion and as a modern work of art. Inside on the walls, there are fourteen large painting of dark hues created by Rothko himself.

Other works of art is often displayed outside the chapel as seen in picture on the bottom right.


Rothko_Chapel Resized_20170110_145438 (1)

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