Carson Engineering Center

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I never really liked Carson very much. I always thought the building looked awkward and didn’t have enough windows. It seemed dull and grey. However, it does stand out among the other Cherokee Gothic buildings on campus. Although it has the red brick with its white accents, it has a very different look to it.

Despite not being the biggest fan of the building, it has recently become my home away from home.  My E-Lab is held in this building, and I walk through the its doors couple of times a day. I also spend a large amount of my time here. Far more than I would like to.  For example, I am typing these blogs as I sit here, even though I rather be somewhere else.

This building gives me a strange mixture of both comfort and anxiety. This building has witnessed me at my worst and my best. Things look great when my projects are working and are going swimmingly, but it’s not so great when things don’t work out when I have to spend hours working and get nothing done. It all depends on perspective I guess.

But I have gotten closer to my friends here because we are always here, we spend more time together than ever before. 20170302_183443 20170302_173948

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