Benjamin Henry Latrobe-The Pope Villa

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For my architect, I was given Benjamin Henry Latrobe. He was born in England on May 1, 1764.  He is known as the Father of American  Architecture because of many of his famous structures in particularly houses. One of the Four houses  still remaining till this day is the Pope Villa. Built in 1811, it was designed for the Senator at the time, John Pope. It has been stated that the inspiration for design was drawn from 16th century Italian architect Andrea Palladio. Inside the cubic mass of the Pope Villa is a surprising sequence of rectilinear and curvilinear rooms  with light and shadow. Latrobe called these interior effects Scenery which would  reflect his reliance on the compositional principles of 18th Century picturesque landscape design.

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  1. Although this building is really old, it does not look like an old building at all! It still has a great design, especially the structure of walls.

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