Aldo Rossi – San Cataldo Cemetery

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The San Cataldo Cemetery was built around 1978. This building was built on a previous cemetery which was made by the architect Cesare Costa which was carried out from 1858 to 1876. It contained a good amount of engraved statutes and tombstones. Rossi believed in typologies, which are translations of the past. He combined ideas from the Costa and Jewish cemeteries to design the San Cataldo Cemetery. The building is an all orange colored building. Rossi used a bounding wall similar to the one in the Costa Cemetery. The concept of a series of buildings terminating on a funeral structure is morphed into Rossi’s design as well. This cemetery has no roof, floors, windows, or doors. Instead it has openings for light, others for views, access, and containment of cremated bodies. Many think the building is ugly and depressing.

4 thoughts on “Aldo Rossi – San Cataldo Cemetery”

  1. I’ve never seen a cemetery anything like this. This is a very interesting design. It has no floors or roof or doors, so is it just a large shell encasing a ground level cemetery?

    1. Yes pretty much. There are stairs that go around so you can go higher up inside of the building. The stairs are next to walls of the building. You can google the building and see a picture from the inside.

  2. This is so cool. The cubical design and the cubical “windows” doesn’t put off a very welcoming vibe to me. However, it does evoke curiosity? It looks more like an art piece to me.
    But nonetheless, it’s very beautiful in its own way.

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