Dulles International Airport

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This is yet another airport designed by Eero Saarinen. This structure is very unique because of its curved roof and it’s angular standing. The building is definitely eye catching and has Saarinens futuristic design aspects all over it. The structure has an otherworldly feeling.



This graceful shape sweeps upward, almost as if it is suggesting a swooping flight of an airplane. These little details  in design really  make me happy because the artist is evoking a certain feeling or emotion from those who enter the building. This building suggest a sense of excitement and wonder of flight.



dulles airport



Thomas J.Watson Research Center

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This building, designed by Eero Saarinen, houses the  headquarters for the IBM research center. This is stationed in Yorktown Heights, New York. The front of the building is in the shape of a semicircle with glass windows. I have observed that Saarinen has a love for curvatures. It is very rare to see plain vertical/horizontal lines in his design.



This building isn’t as lavish as some of is other works I have written about, however, I think this is still worthy of some praise. I think the buildings humble design compliments its purpose of providing an office space to promote creativity.


This building kind of reminds Devon Energy Hall here on campus. Both of their exterior is simple and clean without any extra bits catching the eye. The interior is also simple with its clean straight lines an it’s symmetry. It is well lit to to provide a feeling of openness. Despite it’s simplicity, I believe it is a great office space. Might not me the ideal design for some, but I truly enjoy it.







TWA Flight Center

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The TWA Flight Center is located at the John F. Kennedy International Airport. This building is extraordinary because it’s distinct shape, both inside and outside. This is one of Eero Saarinens best designs.  The shape of the building reminds of the heads of cobra snakes.



This is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a well deserving spot. The thin-shell structure of the building helps provide the curvature nature of the ceiling. This same technique is used in making hulls of boats and tall buildings.



Even the interior of the building is breathtaking. The arched ceiling gives the interior a cave-like feeling. However glass windows provide ample prevent the people from feeling weighed in. It’s airy and bright.  Saarinens futuristic design choices are prominent in every curvature. And I have a feeling he treated this monument as a sculpture, a work of art, rather than plain old horizontal building up in the air.



Gateway Arch

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My first entry for Eero Saarinen is the Gateway Arch. I chose this architecture because of it’s simplicity. I appreciate simple designs because the building allows the design to speak for itself. It doesn’t need extra flourishing to make a statement.



The design for the Gateway Arch holds holds true to this principle. It is 650 feet tall and despite being so simple, it’s distinct stainless steel exterior and its weighted arch shape helps it stand out among other architectural pieces in the world. It has Saarinens well known futuristic style written all over it.


Inside the Arch, there is a observation deck where people can look down at the city.


Masterpieces of Steven Holl

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By Daniel Cartwright

Steven Holl is an American architect who lives in New York City. His architectural style has post-modern and existentialist influences. Holl has received numerous awards for his work, including the prestigious Alvar Aalto Medal in 1998. Holl was named America’s best architect by Time in 2001. Holl is also an active author who has written over 20 publications. Four of his architectural masterpieces are explored below.


simmons hall

Simmons Hall at MIT (2003)

Simmons Hall is one of Holl’s best known works. It cost almost $79 million to construct and is made from an enormous reinforced concrete block. The design is intended to mimic a sea sponge. The design of the building is lauded by some and criticized by many as ugly. Holl focused on form above function in the building’s design, with the result that some of the students living in the dormitory must walk an eighth of a mile to reach the cafeteria.





Linked Hybrid (2009)

Holl designed this complex building complex in Beijing, China. The prolific use of windows recalls the outward appearance of Simmons Hall. The Linked Hybrid buildings are heated and cooled by 655 geo-thermal wells. The building contains 750 apartments and a variety of businesses. The complex is 21 stories high was built in six years. The building has won awards for its environmental sustainability and design innovation.





Bloch Building addition to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (2007)

The Bloch Building, located in Kansas City, Missouri, was lauded by several renowned architects and publications for its daring use of light and shape. It was co-designed by Steven Holl and Chris McVoy. In 2007, Time awarded it the best upcoming architectural marvel first place among “The 10 Best (New and Upcoming) Architectural Marvels” of the entire world. The structure is unique in harnessing the brightness of natural light to illuminate artwork. Like the two structures above, this building extensively uses rectangles. It provides a lively juxtaposition to the neoclassical museum façade just to its west.





Horizontal Skyscraper (2009)

Another environmental marvel, the Horizontal Skyscraper houses a variety of businesses in Shenzhen, China and is certified LEED platinum. The design harnesses sea breezes to provide natural ventilation. It is equipped with several water-saving and filtering fixtures as well as wall coatings that optimize the structure’s temperature retention. The facility is built atop a reclaimed lagoon and offers vast ocean views. The protruding portion closely resembles the second photo of the Bloch Building above, demonstrating the continuity and evolution of Holl’s style.


Sources: Holl, Steven. STEVEN HOLL ARCHITECTS. http://www.stevenholl.com. Accessed 27 April 2017.

Maya Lin – A Fold in the Field

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Another field work by Lin, and her largest to date, is the 30,000 square meter “A Fold in the Field”.


The earthwork consists of 5 folds, the highest of which is approximately 11,000 meters. It was created with the animals that inhabit the land in mind so that they can interact with the folds, sheep specifically, who graze the slopes and keep the grass at the appropriate length.


The folds echo different elements of nature, such as the waves that shape the coastline and the gravitational slide of down slopes and valleys toward the sea. This is consistent with her other environmental artworks and her interest in how the landscape is experienced and related to by a person. Pictures don’t do this type of work justice, and I’d love to see this in person.

Sheikh Zayed Bridge — Zaha Hadid

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stringioThis bridge was built in Abu Dhabi in 2010. A bridge was vital to the growing highway system, and Hadid provided, stylishly. She turned the journey into the destination!


The curves of the bridge, resembling scribbles, depict desert sand dunes. They are a sandy color in the daytime, but they are decorated with colorful lights at night. The bridge rises to 40 meters above water level.

The functionality and aesthetic appeal encourage the continuing growth of Abu Dhabi.

Grimshaw Architects – Southern Cross Railway Station

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Ernesto Fuentes Blog Post #8


The Southern Cross Railway Station is a transport structure designed by the Grimshaw Architects. It is a railway station that is located in Docklands, Melbourne. The complex has a shopping outlet underneath, and attracted over 17 million passenger movements as recently as 2013.


The railway was originally opened as Spencer Street Station in 1859, but received its most recent and final remodeling from the Grimshaw Architects in 2002, and completed in 2006. The Grimshaw Architects designed an innovative design which features an open building design, an undulating roof, a new entrance and concourse on Collins Street, a new coach interchange, and a shopping complex with restaurants and bars.


After a tricky development where there were delays, and over-budget spending of over 200 million, it eventually was awarded the Royals Institute of British Architects’ Lubetkin Prize for most outstanding building outside the European Union.

Ernesto Fuentes Blog Post #8

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