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Dulles International Airport

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This is yet another airport designed by Eero Saarinen. This structure is very unique because of its curved roof and it’s angular standing. The building is definitely eye catching and has Saarinens futuristic design aspects all over it. The structure has an otherworldly feeling.



This graceful shape sweeps upward, almost as if it is suggesting a swooping flight of an airplane. These little details  in design really  make me happy because the artist is evoking a certain feeling or emotion from those who enter the building. This building suggest a sense of excitement and wonder of flight.



dulles airport



Thomas J.Watson Research Center

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This building, designed by Eero Saarinen, houses the  headquarters for the IBM research center. This is stationed in Yorktown Heights, New York. The front of the building is in the shape of a semicircle with glass windows. I have observed that Saarinen has a love for curvatures. It is very rare to see plain vertical/horizontal lines in his design.



This building isn’t as lavish as some of is other works I have written about, however, I think this is still worthy of some praise. I think the buildings humble design compliments its purpose of providing an office space to promote creativity.


This building kind of reminds Devon Energy Hall here on campus. Both of their exterior is simple and clean without any extra bits catching the eye. The interior is also simple with its clean straight lines an it’s symmetry. It is well lit to to provide a feeling of openness. Despite it’s simplicity, I believe it is a great office space. Might not me the ideal design for some, but I truly enjoy it.







TWA Flight Center

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The TWA Flight Center is located at the John F. Kennedy International Airport. This building is extraordinary because it’s distinct shape, both inside and outside. This is one of Eero Saarinens best designs.  The shape of the building reminds of the heads of cobra snakes.



This is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a well deserving spot. The thin-shell structure of the building helps provide the curvature nature of the ceiling. This same technique is used in making hulls of boats and tall buildings.



Even the interior of the building is breathtaking. The arched ceiling gives the interior a cave-like feeling. However glass windows provide ample prevent the people from feeling weighed in. It’s airy and bright.  Saarinens futuristic design choices are prominent in every curvature. And I have a feeling he treated this monument as a sculpture, a work of art, rather than plain old horizontal building up in the air.



Gateway Arch

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My first entry for Eero Saarinen is the Gateway Arch. I chose this architecture because of it’s simplicity. I appreciate simple designs because the building allows the design to speak for itself. It doesn’t need extra flourishing to make a statement.



The design for the Gateway Arch holds holds true to this principle. It is 650 feet tall and despite being so simple, it’s distinct stainless steel exterior and its weighted arch shape helps it stand out among other architectural pieces in the world. It has Saarinens well known futuristic style written all over it.


Inside the Arch, there is a observation deck where people can look down at the city.


The Oklahoma Memorial Union

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The Memorial Union in the place for action. It reminds me of a bee hive. Everyone is busy doing something. The are eating, visiting friends, studying, etc. It’s busy from sunrise to sunset. Every one seems to have a purpose and are working to get something done.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of crowded, busy places. Which is why I only go there whenever I need to do something. However, the Union never ceases to amaze me. It is a great site for people watching, and seeing everyone go about their life.

The exterior of the building is the well known Cherokee Gothic that is so prevalent around campus.  It’s bold and almost intimidating.

Snapchat-3908800892821559993 20170302_170729

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

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This museum means so much to me. I come here whenever I need to think clearly and calm down when things get a little too stressful for me. I’ve been here enough times for the artwork to become familiar, but being in this quiet place always gives me a sense of peace.

The art collections in this museum may seem small but it is wholesome. And the new exhibitions are always fun to see.

The exterior is just as beautiful as the art inside. I like the symmetry of the cube-shaped buildings with its pyramid roof tops. It stands out among the other building around campus since its has such a light color palette, contrasting against the red brick buildings.

20170302_173427 111111111

Carson Engineering Center

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I never really liked Carson very much. I always thought the building looked awkward and didn’t have enough windows. It seemed dull and grey. However, it does stand out among the other Cherokee Gothic buildings on campus. Although it has the red brick with its white accents, it has a very different look to it.

Despite not being the biggest fan of the building, it has recently become my home away from home.  My E-Lab is held in this building, and I walk through the its doors couple of times a day. I also spend a large amount of my time here. Far more than I would like to.  For example, I am typing these blogs as I sit here, even though I rather be somewhere else.

This building gives me a strange mixture of both comfort and anxiety. This building has witnessed me at my worst and my best. Things look great when my projects are working and are going swimmingly, but it’s not so great when things don’t work out when I have to spend hours working and get nothing done. It all depends on perspective I guess.

But I have gotten closer to my friends here because we are always here, we spend more time together than ever before. 20170302_183443 20170302_173948

Rothko Chapel

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Visiting the Rothko Chapel has been on my bucket list ever since I studied Mark Rothko’s work. People say one can’t just look at his work through a screen or in a book. You have to experience it, be in it’s presence. It’s almost like a religious experience. When I was there, I understood what they had meant.

The building had been designed by Rothko himself, who chose the octagonal shape of the building inscribed in a Greek cross with a skylight over the middle of the building. The interior serves as a chapel belonging to no specific religion and as a modern work of art. Inside on the walls, there are fourteen large painting of dark hues created by Rothko himself.

Other works of art is often displayed outside the chapel as seen in picture on the bottom right.


Rothko_Chapel Resized_20170110_145438 (1)