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Grimshaw Architects – Southern Cross Railway Station

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The Southern Cross Railway Station is a transport structure designed by the Grimshaw Architects. It is a railway station that is located in Docklands, Melbourne. The complex has a shopping outlet underneath, and attracted over 17 million passenger movements as recently as 2013.


The railway was originally opened as Spencer Street Station in 1859, but received its most recent and final remodeling from the Grimshaw Architects in 2002, and completed in 2006. The Grimshaw Architects designed an innovative design which features an open building design, an undulating roof, a new entrance and concourse on Collins Street, a new coach interchange, and a shopping complex with restaurants and bars.


After a tricky development where there were delays, and over-budget spending of over 200 million, it eventually was awarded the Royals Institute of British Architects’ Lubetkin Prize for most outstanding building outside the European Union.

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Grimshaw Architects – Waterloo Station

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Waterloo International Station is a transport structure designed by the Grimshaw Architects. It is a railway station located in London, and was completed in 1993, later opened in 1994, at the cost of 120 million euros.

Waterloo Station image

The railway has won numerous awards, including the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture, as well as the Royal Institute of British Architectures’ Building of the Year award.


The Grimshaw Architects, along with their contracted partners, wanted to design something innovative for its time. Initially, that meant constructing a “cable stayed structure,” but that idea was later abandoned in favor of a more innovative idea: an arch-based trajectory, which was not the norm in the 80s.

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Grimshaw Architects – Amsterdam Bijlim ArenA

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Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA is a transport structure designed by the GrimShaw Architects. It is a railway that runs through the Bijlmereer neighborhood in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Biljmer ArenA station platform. We're going to Centraal Station
Biljmer ArenA station platform. We’re going to Centraal Station

The railway station was constructed in the late 60’s, and was officially opened on May 24, 1971. It has since gone through two major renovations. It features five platforms and eight tracks, along with a bus station, all encompassed in a complex that measures over 100 meters.

Amdam Railway

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Grimshaw Architects

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The Grimshaw Architects is an active architecture firm that was founded by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw in 1980, and is based out of London. They are revered in the architecture community for being one of the pioneers of high-tech architecture.

Grimshaw Office




They have offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne, and New York City, and have 17 partners worldwide. They have designed bridges, science and education buildings, transport structures, as well as countless office and industry buildings. They have also won numerous awards, including the Lubetkin Prize from the Royal Institute of British Architects.


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St. Joseph’s Oratory – Montreal, Quebec

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I went to Montreal in 2014 to visit a friend, and one of the first places we went to was St. Joseph’s Oratory. As a young man who’d been raised Catholic all his life, and had only ever been to one small and modest church by his neighborhood, I was excited to see a church with so much history and significance.


The church sits on a hill, and before you can get to it, there’s a long series of winding stairs, leading to the picture above. There is a spiritual tradition there, where anyone can pray on the steps of the stairs, taking them up one at a time on their knees. It was hard enough doing it with my feet, so I couldn’t imagine doing the whole thing on my knees.


The church was originally built in 1904 as a wooden chapel. Through the years, a crypt chapel was built, a Basilica, and enlarged on four different occasions. Because of this, it works as an ensemble of different architectural styles, molding designs from the early 1900s all the way to the mid 1960s. It was a beautiful church, and had a profoundly powerful impact on me. I can’t wait to visit again.

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The Reserve on Stinson – Norman, OK

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I transferred to OU in the fall of 2016, and I moved into the off-campus apartment complex, The Reserve on Stinson. I lived in Building 12, and it was the first apartment I had ever lived in. Before transferring, I had exclusively lived in dormitories during my college career. While my experiences in the dorms were largely positive, it was nothing like living off campus in an apartment. Before the Reserve, I had lived in dorms that were 45 minutes from my parent’s house. When I moved to the Reserve, I was now several thousands of miles away from home, and living off campus. This was my first time truly living away from home.

reserve in

The buildings are 3 stories, with 12 apartments in each building. There are four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living room, a full kitchen, and a washer and dryer. The walls are clean and painted red and white, the furniture is comfortable and modern. Compared to the dormitories I had been living in the last two years, this place was heaven. I love calling this place my new home.


For the next year, the Reserve will be my home, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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Lakeview South – Miami, FL

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I went to Florida International University as an 18-year-old, fresh out of high school. I lived in Pembroke Pines, about a 30-45 minute drive from Miami. Lakeview South is a freshman dormitory at Florida International’s Miami campus, where I lived in the fall and spring semesters of 2010-2011. It wasn’t far from home, but far enough to make me feel like I was living on my own for the first time, which was a great and, at the same time, scary feeling.


The dormitory is comprised of two buildings connected by a sky bridge. It houses 800 first year students. The room came with a refrigerator, twin-sized mattress, a shared bathroom, and not much else. The walls were grey, the halls a faded blue and yellow, and most of the chairs and tables that came with the room were old and squeaky. We didn’t have a living room or kitchen, and four guys shared one bathroom and two sinks. And while it was annoying and frustrating at times, it taught me how to live minimalistic, and how to live with roommates.



It was an experience I wouldn’t trade. I was excited about those twin buildings when I moved in, and I was sad when I moved out.

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Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium – Norman, OK

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I transferred here last semester, and got to experience my first Oklahoma Sooners football game. I had been to plenty of other college and professional football games before, but none like the ones I went to last fall. The stadium has an old feel to it, but not in a negative way, more like a nostalgic vibe. You can feel the history, seeing the plaques, engravings, and statues of former heroes and championship teams. There’s a lore to this program, and it makes the stadium feel almost mythical.

Inside the stadium, I sat in the student section, where everyone stands for the entire game. I had never experienced a crowd like that before. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. And no matter who was on the field, no matter what the score was, everyone was involved and cheering on our Sooners.


This stadium is what made me feel like I had really transferred. For the first couple weeks, I was just a student adjusting to a new place, a new school, and meeting new friends. But when gameday came, the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium made Norman feel like my new home.

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