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Eames House – Charles and Ray Eames

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Eames House 1

Finished in 1949, the Eames House was designed, originally by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen, but later with Ray Eames for a home design challenge put on by an Architecture magazine to capture life in the modern times. The couple aimed the house for a married couple working in graphic design with kids out of the house. The house still stands today and is preserved by the Eames Foundation, started by Charles’ daughter.

Eames House 2

De Pree House – Charles and Ray Eames

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De Pree House 1


The De Pree House was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1954. Described as “Classicly Modern”, the house was built with very symmetrical aspects and has a grid-like design. A large balcony lines the backside of the house that overlooks a wooded area behind the house.

Depree House 3

One interesting facet of their design is the sole use of timber for the structure of building. Outside of glass in the windows, the house is entirely made with wood.

De Pree House 2



Eiffel Tower Paris, France

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Bryant Boatright

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eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower is an internationally renowned building and I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit it. The experience of climbing the stairs to the middle level then taking an elevator up a vast amount of “stories” really put into perspective the size of the tower. Its beautiful design and massive proportions made quite an impression on me and I will cherish this memory.

eiffel tower 2

As you can see from the second picture, the tower’s size is easily spotted from a large distance away.

Climb Up OKC

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Bryant Boatright

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Climb Up OKC, or previously known as Rocktown, is an indoor/outdoor rock climbing gym in Oklahoma City. This building holds a lot of fun memories of trips with friends up to the city to climb and one particular trip where I rode my bicycle from Norman to climb here then rode back. The building itself is a set of old grain silos repurposed into a climbing gym making use of the height and unique cylindrical shape to simulate climbing conditions in the outdoors.




BOK Center Tulsa

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The BOK Center in Tulsa holds a lot of memories in my life. Primarily, this building is the reason I moved back to Tulsa form Missouri. My father worked for the construction company hired to build it and the company transferred him to Tulsa as the project manager for it. In the end a good change as I enjoyed living in Tulsa and spent the majority of my childhood there. Its unique shape gathered the name the cinnamon roll in my family.


Many of my experiences here were during various stages of construction. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to see my father’s work and see a cool new building for downtown Tulsa. Another important experience I had here was going to my first large scale concert. I was able to go to the opening concert of the Eagles and although I was probably eleven or twelve years old I loved getting to hear music live and see the completion of the building.




Physical Science Center OU

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The physical science center at the University of Oklahoma is one of my least favorite buildings on the campus. I do not have fond memories of this building as I took general chemistry here and dreaded the long walk from the dorms.¬†Among students and faculty it is known as “The Blender” for its uniquely ugly blender design. The buildings design is rather uninspiring and as you continue inside it is a dull and dreary environment.

Physical Science

The blender shape to the tower can be seen from nearly all of campus and quite a bit of Norman. I dislike going to this building and avoid classes in it because of the bad memories I have.