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Flatiron Building

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Nicknamed the “Flatiron” building for the piece of real estate that it occupies, so named as it resembles an iron. The original plans for the building included a more elaborate crown and a larger clock., and failed to include women’s bathrooms. The building forms a 25-degree angle. At the time of completion, in 1902,  this was one of the tallest buildings in New York City.

Pittsburgh Union Station

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This is the only surviving rail station currently in use in the city of Pittsburgh, PA, and has been hailed as a symbol of the nation, by Brendan Gill of the New Yorker. This building opened in 1903 and was only built to serve the needs of one rail line. For that reason, the name “union Station” is inaccurate.  


Selfridges’ Building

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This is one of many department stores designed by Daniel Burnham. Originally designed to hold 100 departments, the building was completed in 1909. The building is five stories with three basement levels. This is an early example of steel framed architecture in the UK. Here we can see that there was a strong classical influence with the rows of columns that surround the building.

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I have never liked South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA. The building seems to be completely overwhelming This building in terms of scale, is massive. It just seems to go on forever and the stores that are contained within, are a veritable who’s who.  This building not only overwhelms me in terms of scale but the sheer selection of choice just ruins me. One would think that as a woman that I would be drawn to this consumerist capital of sorts. I’m not sure how anyone could walk out of there without totally melting their credit cards. One is very spoiled for choice. All of the sights and sounds and smells of your typical mall are magnified tenfold.

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We happened upon the Wonderworks building  when we were in Orlando, FL just after the first of the year. I love this building. To see it in person it looks like they literally took a building and flipped it upside down. There are upside down palm trees and mail boxes that sort of hover topsy turvy with the “ground” that they were put upon. I love that this building is built for children. I think that they sort of set up expectations for what to expect once you enter the building. That your conceptions may be flipped. The detail when it was built just astounds me. There is a post office to the right of it, and the roof of that building shows all the signs of having had a building dropped on top of it. The roof tiles are askew.


Taos Pueblo

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When I think of functional architecture, my mind always leads me here. I first saw the Taos Pueblo while there for business. The building itself was rather striking. I suppose that when I think of homes they should be singular and separated. 132622-004-CA3453D0

There is a strong sense of community sort of tied into the building of these homes. I got the sense of that community, even outside of this historical home, while visiting the Taos reservation. The sense of history there is very much everywhere.


I love how the building sort of mirrors the Taos mountains that surround it. While the building is dwarfed by the mountains, it feels very much as just as much as part of the

The House I grew up in

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This is the house I Grew up in. it is a rather large home, but of course it would need to be with nine people living in it, by the time that we moved out of it. In the almost 30 years since this home was built the exterior of it hasn’t changed very much.  It is still a farmhouse style home. There is still the brick path way that leads to the back yard, just right of where this picture ends. It’s a split-level home, which is great for the four boys who use to live here. They could chase each other from top to bottom, and then take it all outside when my mother would yell.

ISt43uuh9j64ml0000000000When I took an interior design class in high school, I made a modified version of the home that I grew up in, and I had my teacher tell me that the floor plan of this home wasn’t functional. For the people who live here, and who have I would tend to disagree.