US Bank Tower – Los Angeles, California

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Now this building here (tallest one in the middle) is the US Bank Tower and I’ve actually never been inside or even seen it in person but yet it has a lot of influence on me. It has A LOT of meaning to me though. It might sound cheesy but this tower reflects and represents my dreams. My dream is to live in downtown LA one day and to say “I made it”. Whenever I see this building and all it’s glory, it really motivates me and drives me to do everything I need to do to make it there one day. I’m actually going to LA this summer and will be interning in downtown LA so it’s one-step closer to my dreams and it’s unbelievable. I really want to go take a tour or just go walk around this building one day to finally see it in real-life, instead of the many pictures I’ve seen on Google. It’s crazy to have a building represent or motivate you so much and you’ve actually never even been there before. It’s currently the tallest building in California and the 14th tallest building in the states. The many windows and the way the sun shines off this building really makes my jaw drop and realize all the possibilities we have as humans to create and construct beautiful buildings/structures like this one here.

Camino Real Hotel – El Paso, Texas

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This building probably doesn’t have any meaning to anyone else but it does for me. I was in the 5th grade when I first moved to El Paso, Texas. (I was not happy about the move btw.) Everyday my Dad and I had to make a drive across town to the school we were both at. I remember sitting in the car and driving through downtown El Paso and seeing this very building here. It’s one of the tallest buildings in our downtown and it stuck out like a sore thumb. It’s a very, very old building but it has a lot of history. Now I’ve actually only been inside this building once…it’s beautiful inside and they’re actually remodeling it right now. Anyways, this building has a HUGE impact on me and the way I view/remember the move to El Paso. Now whenever I think of El Paso, I think of the tall Camino Real Hotel and all it’s beauty. Now the people working there or anyone who built don’t even know the impact this building has had on me but I will never forget it. The experience I can think back to now about El Paso and the many buildings will always be the Camino Real Hotel and the many, many times I stared at that building as I flew by on the highway. Buildings/structures can have huge influences/impacts on our lives and this one right here has an impact on mine.

Oklahoma’s Bizzell Memorial Library – Norman, Oklahoma

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I remember the day I first came to Norman and toured OU’s campus. All of the buildings were beautiful and I loved the architecture throughout the campus….but one building really stuck out to me and made really fall in love with the campus. It was the Bizzell Memorial Library. When you first walk up to the front of the building (like the picture above) and see all the detail, it’s really breathtaking. I’ll probably never forget that first experience with this building and the way it formed this view of “OU” to me. I still love to go into the “quietest room on campus” in this library and really soak it all up. In my opinion, it’s the best building we have on this campus and it’s really shape every single of the student’s here at OU in some way or another. “The Biz” will forever shape OU and what it stands for.

AT&T Stadium – Arlington, Texas

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AT&T Stadium is stunning for a sports facility and no one had really seen anything like it until it was built. I remember when I went to this stadium for the first time ever…I was in aww for the entire game and a building has never really made me feel this way until I had seen the inside of this one. It’s a work of art, that’s for sure.  It really had a positive impact on me and the way I viewed buildings, stadiums, etc. I didn’t know any of this was really possible until I had actually seen it for my own eyes. If you love sports and have never been, you HAVE to go see this place. It’s beautiful in every way. I will be back for many more games and experiences inside this stadium because there’s nothing like it. I really started to think and imagine all the different meanings this stadium has all different kinds of people. Structures like this are unimaginable and for it to come to real life, it’s amazing.

Los Angeles Fresh Market, Los Angeles CA

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groundfloor of the LA market Los Angeles Farmers Market 1

What I like about it is a lot of the market is outdoors. There are many stores or restaurants, but they all are packed together and local. A great atmosphere for a Saturday. To go with the freshness of the food or markets/stores, the design of the complex makes most things outside. It almost has a feeling you’re in a different country once you walk in.

It was very enjoyable to go and I wish Norman had something like this to where there was more interacting with people and their local businesses in a close environment like this.  I want to be able to move to California in the near future, hopefully the San Jose/San Francisco Area.

Post #6-Bryce Lewis

Los Angeles Farmers Market map

The Getty, Los Angeles

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view over garden to the getty center, los angeles, california, usa
view over garden to the getty center, los angeles, california, usa

One of the top wonders of the world when it comes to museums. I did not know this before I went. I appreciate in more now that I know this. I want to go back soon! When I went here during winter break, the things that I remember the most was the building and the central garden. Studying Environmental Studies drew me more to the garden part of the museum. The architecture of the building is very impressive. But I will still say the flow of the water formations, flower arrangements, and their overall landscape gave more definition to the building and drew me to the building and museum. Having a beautiful landscape is a nice compliment to any structure and honestly a very important part of architecture.


Post #5-Bryce Lewis

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum

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This is a museum for rock ‘n roll, so it can’t look like some boring old museum!



It is a very interesting triangular building in Cleveland, Ohio. Up close, it looks like you could climb up the slanted glass for fun, but it is a bit intimidating, like pyramids of Egypt. Perhaps the shape was chosen to symbolize the immortality of stars or the mysticism and controversy that has surrounded this style of music. Only the worthiest rockers are preserved in the museum, and there is much debate over why certain acts haven’t been inducted yet.


Like other museums, there are many visual displays. Rotating sequined Michael Jackson glove, anyone? There is a special room that pays homage to various acts over time to introduce some variety to the museum and encourage visitors to return. I would have liked the theme to be Led Zeppelin, but it was Grateful Dead at the time. There is an area of the museum where visitors can browse thousands of recordings, so I enjoyed Led Zeppelin that way instead.


For a museum with good looks and a nice view, I felt controversy and tension inside! I never felt the need to debate with others the timeline of prehistoric creatures when I visited the Sam Noble Museum. I never felt the need to debate the location of the modern sculptures in the Fred Jones Museum of Art. I am generally not the argumentative type, but I felt the need to debate the rankings and displays in this museum. I bit my tongue most of the time because I did not go with people who fully understood.

I will return to this subjective and slightly spiritual museum someday, and I will bring rock-literate counterparts so we can discuss these things, for days if necessary.


Los Angeles/Palmdale Aqueduct

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Post #4-Bryce Lewis

17 Oct 2014 --- The California Aqueduct in the Mojave Desert near Palmdale CA. --- Image by © Steve Proehl/Proehl Studios/Corbis
17 Oct 2014 — The California Aqueduct in the Mojave Desert near Palmdale CA. — Image by © Steve Proehl/Proehl Studios/Corbis

Being able to see this during the day is a spectacle to see. The amount of water that the aqueduct holds is amazing, not to mention the great view of the city. Over winter break I went to Palmdale for Christmas, this is where my girlfriend’s parents live.

The reason why I think this aqueduct or aqueducts are important particularly in architecture is they can affect how the architect designs cities. In the picture shown, you see that the stream created specifically goes around the city rather than through. Designing an aqueduct like this can help with adding more housing and give more freedom to the builders because there is less to deal with to build around for one example.

Overlook of the City of Palmdale. (Aqueduct on the left)


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University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry

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Growing up, I spent a lot of time at the College of Dentistry in Oklahoma City. My dad is a professor at the College of Dentistry, so when my brother and I were kids, and when my dad would have to teach a class on the weekends, my brother and I would have to go with him and wait there while he taught his class. I never really noticed all the architecture back then, however once I got older and returned to the building, more about the building began to stand out.

For example, an interesting fact about the architectural design of the college of dentistry is that it was designed to mimic the shape of a first molar tooth.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 9.56.25 PM

If you look carefully, you can see the various, carefully placed elevation of the top of the building, which matches the shape of a molar.

Although this is indeed an interesting fact about the design of the building, it turned out to be somewhat problematic in the functionality of the building. Because of the strange shape of the building, the rooms tend to have a bizarre shape, which is not ideal for maximizing usable space within the college. However, when designing the building, a decision had to be made between creating an interesting design and creating a functional building, and I suppose the architects decided that the balance between these two factors was appropriate, and I will say, it definitely adds a bit more  fun to the building’s design.