Villa Sturegården

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The architect that I was assigned was Gunnar Asplund. Gunnar Asplund was a Swedish architect, mostly known for his representation of Nordic Classism. The first building that he built was the Villa Sturegården. Villa Sturegården was a house that he built in the town of Nyköping, Sweden, and it was completed in the year 1913. This was a free-standing two story house with neoclassic style. On the first floor of the house it had the kitchen, the living room, rooms for the parents, children, and servants. This early work by Gunnar Asplund was said to have reflected his attention for detail. There are numerous interior details that have his personal mark. Asplund also designed a number of the original  items for the house, such as: tables, chairs, sofa, bookcase, and weather vane.






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