US Bank Tower – Los Angeles, California

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Now this building here (tallest one in the middle) is the US Bank Tower and I’ve actually never been inside or even seen it in person but yet it has a lot of influence on me. It has A LOT of meaning to me though. It might sound cheesy but this tower reflects and represents my dreams. My dream is to live in downtown LA one day and to say “I made it”. Whenever I see this building and all it’s glory, it really motivates me and drives me to do everything I need to do to make it there one day. I’m actually going to LA this summer and will be interning in downtown LA so it’s one-step closer to my dreams and it’s unbelievable. I really want to go take a tour or just go walk around this building one day to finally see it in real-life, instead of the many pictures I’ve seen on Google. It’s crazy to have a building represent or motivate you so much and you’ve actually never even been there before. It’s currently the tallest building in California and the 14th tallest building in the states. The many windows and the way the sun shines off this building really makes my jaw drop and realize all the possibilities we have as humans to create and construct beautiful buildings/structures like this one here.

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