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Thom Mayne is an American architect who was born in 1944. Based in Los Angeles, Mayne is the principal architect for the firm Morphosis in Santa Clara, CA.



Thom graduated in architecture in 1968 at the University of Southern California and received his master’s degree at Harvard ten years later. Mayne is a founding member of Sci-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architectura) and has also won the Pritzker Prize in 2005.


One of Mayne’s most notable works is Diamond Ranch High School in Pomona, CA. The style is known as expressionist modern and was created on a steep hillside which was once deemed unusable. Thom describes his approach to designs as experimental. Most of his works are known for their bold designs, striking a balance between sculptural and monolithic forms. This particular building includes lots of windows for light and an abstract form made from materials such as steel.

I enjoy looking at Mayne’s work because each building is unique and not the status quo for whatever its traditional purpose may be. His buildings make me feel curious, wanting to learn more about them and explore the interiors. I wish there was maybe another element to his design like more color, but they are interesting nonetheless.

-Austin Branch

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