Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum

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This is a museum for rock ‘n roll, so it can’t look like some boring old museum!



It is a very interesting triangular building in Cleveland, Ohio. Up close, it looks like you could climb up the slanted glass for fun, but it is a bit intimidating, like pyramids of Egypt. Perhaps the shape was chosen to symbolize the immortality of stars or the mysticism and controversy that has surrounded this style of music. Only the worthiest rockers are preservedĀ in the museum, and there is much debate over why certain acts haven’t been inducted yet.


Like other museums, there are many visual displays. Rotating sequined Michael Jackson glove, anyone? There is a special room that pays homage to various acts over time to introduce some variety to the museum and encourage visitors to return. I would have liked the theme to be Led Zeppelin, but it was Grateful Dead at the time. There is an area of the museum where visitors can browse thousands of recordings, so I enjoyed Led Zeppelin that way instead.


For a museum with good looks and a nice view, I felt controversy and tension inside! I never felt the need to debate with others the timeline of prehistoric creatures when I visited the Sam Noble Museum. I never felt the need to debate the location of the modern sculptures in the Fred Jones Museum of Art. I am generally not the argumentative type, but I felt the need to debate the rankings and displays in this museum. I bit my tongue most of the time because I did not go with people who fully understood.

I will return to this subjective and slightly spiritual museum someday, and I will bring rock-literate counterparts so we can discuss these things, for days if necessary.


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