Pinecote Pavilion – E. Fay Jones

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Another extraordinary building designed by E. Fay Jones is the Pinecote Pavilion at the Crosby Arboretum in Picayune, Mississippi. It was built in 1987. I chose to talk about this building of Jones’ because it shows a unqiue apporach for a pavilion. The structure is built from wood but like his other buildings, the wood was indigenous to the area of Picayune, Mississippi. The Pinecote Pavilion secured E. Fay Jones to win the AIA Gold Medal as well. Jones called it a gathering place and starting place for talks and nature walks. I enjoy the organic aspect of this building because it also blends in with the environment. In addition, the location of the pavilion near water makes almost look like an island. I also like how Pincote Pavilion is nothing like a stereotypical open air pavilion because it does not resemble a ga zebo-like structure. I believe E. Fay Jones displays his architectural talent with this design because he shows he can make amazing outdoor structures and not just chapels and homes.



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  1. I really love his design! It is really interesting how he combined modern design and nature elements in architecture!

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