Phillip Johnson – The Glass House (1949)

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One of Johnson’s most iconic buildings is the Glass House. This was built as his own home in New Canaan, Connecticut. This was one of his first projects and it certainly continued his career in the field. The house was influenced by the Farnsworth House. The Glass House itself was designed to be open to the surrounding landscape and overlooks a pond. The glass walls really emphasizes the landscape by the reflection during different times of the day. It is 56 feet by 32 feet glass rectangle. The sides are glass (like its’ name suggested) and charcoal-painted steel. The floor is brick and sits 10 inches above the ground. It also had low walnut cabinets and the bathroom is a brick cylinder, the only object-reaching floor to ceiling. It is described by the New York Times as “pure symmetry, dark colors and closeness to the earth” marked it as a personal statement.

ghgh            The building is gorgeous and looks like a cool modern home. I like it because it looks so calm and simple but when you look at it closely, it’s more intricate than you think. The symmetry of the building makes it look appealing and the glass walls make it look cool and calming. Another thing I thought was cool was that Johnson decided to add to the estate during each period of his career. There are 14 structures on 49-acres of land. Most of them are small structures like the glass building. Some examples are the brick house served as a guest, a painting gallery, a sculpture gallery, and a study. With all the buildings on the estates, it seems like one large hide and seek playground. The house would definitely be a place where I would go hangout with my friends. In addition, I think the house at night is absolutely beautiful because of the reflection of the pond and the lights surrounding the house.  Today it is used as a historic house museum.


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  1. With a lot of land and not many neighbors this looks very cool. But i would worry about my privacy with the entire place being see through. I hope that is some strong glass.

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