Paul Andreu – Aéroport d’Abu Dhabi, Émirats Arabes Unis

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The Abu Dhabi International Airport was commissioned in 1982 and as of recently has seen Twenty million passengers come through the airport via connecting flights, departures, and arrivals. When Paul Andreu designed the structure, he wanted it to be unique and be efficient. The main structure resembles a navel, and uses umbilic points to help achieve this.  The terminals are located away from the main structure and are like satellite locations to help make leaving and landing flight as efficient as possible. The use of satellite locations gives it a webbed appearance. There is a separation of the two buildings due to more passengers coming from connected flights as opposed to local passengers, so to avoid traffic the two structures were separated. There are a total number of 19 positions for aircrafts to be able load/unload passengers. The multiple levels of the airport contain separate functions to help keep the processes efficient. The track level is for luggage handling, while level 1 handles all the traffic, departures and arrivals, while level 2 houses the administrative services and offices. The Terminal area is 45,000 m², while the 7,500 m2 for the satellite locations. As Abu Dhabi, has expanded and started to see more visitors, areas have been improved upon and expanded to help keep up with the traffic. ba6b8b_2b1f7b2a27a045818fbf87bd67f1cf59~mv2_d_1422_1374_s_2 ba6b8b_b0ca525c4f0f4fa0b5519dda5597d9cf~mv2 ba6b8b_f8ebaa7040d9421383f67f500ab92811~mv2_d_2500_1214_s_2

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  1. This airport is really cool! What an airport with high efficiency and a great design! I think it was a brilliant idea to divide the airport in two circular building so that passengers will not be confused. Also, it has really cool design that I never saw before for the airport!

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