Oklahoma’s Bizzell Memorial Library – Norman, Oklahoma

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I remember the day I first came to Norman and toured OU’s campus. All of the buildings were beautiful and I loved the architecture throughout the campus….but one building really stuck out to me and made really fall in love with the campus. It was the Bizzell Memorial Library. When you first walk up to the front of the building (like the picture above) and see all the detail, it’s really breathtaking. I’ll probably never forget that first experience with this building and the way it formed this view of “OU” to me. I still love to go into the “quietest room on campus” in this library and really soak it all up. In my opinion, it’s the best building we have on this campus and it’s really shape every single of the student’s here at OU in some way or another. “The Biz” will forever shape OU and what it stands for.

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  1. I think the Biz is one of the prettiest buildings at OU too, and it will always be what I picture when I think of campus.

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