Burano, Italy

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The first time I traveled outside of North America was this summer for my study abroad program. I had the opportunity to visit seven cities in Italy through a program called Journey to Italy through OU. We mostly studied art and architecture while we were there. Everything we saw was so brilliant; it had an effect on me. When we visited Venice, of course, I was taken aback by the city itself. I was intrigued by the fact that there were no streets, everyone got around through the river ways. Boats, boat taxis, gondolas, etc. were everywhere. We traveled to the Venice Islands and one island, in particular, fascinated me: Burano.  But the one thing that attracted me the most were the buildings along the riverways. No house next to each other was alike and each was painted a vibrant color. You can help but smile when you look at these buildings…they bring instant joy and could brighten anyone’s day! Venice (122)

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