AT&T Stadium – Arlington, Texas

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AT&T Stadium is stunning for a sports facility and no one had really seen anything like it until it was built. I remember when I went to this stadium for the first time ever…I was in aww for the entire game and a building has never really made me feel this way until I had seen the inside of this one. It’s a work of art, that’s for sure. ┬áIt really had a positive impact on me and the way I viewed buildings, stadiums, etc. I didn’t know any of this was really possible until I had actually seen it for my own eyes. If you love sports and have never been, you HAVE to go see this place. It’s beautiful in every way. I will be back for many more games and experiences inside this stadium because there’s nothing like it. I really started to think and imagine all the different meanings this stadium has all different kinds of people. Structures like this are unimaginable and for it to come to real life, it’s amazing.

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