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The Cordelia A. Culbertson House by Greene & Greene

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This is the Coerdelia A. Culbertson House designed by Greene & Greene. The home was built in 1913 but has since been rennovated and preserved to make it look all nice. The use of plants on the steps and along the porch is a very cool feature of this home. All of the Greene & Greene houses have cool roofs that are slow sloping and have what is called a cupola on top. Their homes are very nice and look well placed in the tropical areas of California, like Pasadena.

The Blacker House by Greene & Greene

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IMG_0806a This is the Blacker house designed by Greene & Greene. The small groups of tall narrow windows are a common feature of the Greene and Greene house that I have found. The slow sloping roofs is also an interesting feature of these brothers’ designs. Also all of their houses have a lot of plants on the exterior and the houses seem to have a grander sclae than your typical home. I would presume that their homes are not designed for a middle class income family.

The Duncan-Irwin House by Greene & Greene

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This is the Duncan-Irwin house designed by Greene & Greene. One of the immediate things that sticks out to me about this house is the use of the plants as an exterior design. The way the vines have grown up the building by the main window are very cool. Also the plants that have grown at the top of the pergola (to the right of the picture). Also the tall narrow windows seem to be a common feature of the front of the Greene & Greene houses.


The large pergola around the outside of the house is very cool. It provides a great amount of shade and adds a nice characteristic to the house itself.

The Gamble House by Greene & Greene

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IMG_9375b This is the Gamble house designed by brother arhcitects Greene & Greene. The house definitely has a luxurious feel to it. It is known as one of the “ultimate bungalows.” one of the cool exterior features of this house is the slow arching roofs. The staircase up to the front door gives a real commanding feature of the house.


One of the cool interior features I found was the staircase. I have most definitely never seen a staircase with this design but it is definitely really cool. Based on the article on the house Grene & Greene are known for having interesting designs with some cool twists.

Mellinium Apartments

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This where my girlfriend lives. This building is just one huge apartment complex located on the corner of Lindsey and Classen. Its a very nice 5 story apartment complex. The garage is little odd though. The parking garage floors do not really match the floors of the building. They are a little uneven and trying to get to  the second building is a little tricky and unconvenient for those tenants. All in all the high building has a fun appeal to it and has a beautiful view from the 5th floor, especially if its overlooking the pool.


My home

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This lovely home is located in Oklahoma City right where OKC touches Warr Acres and Bethany. Its the house that I spent the majority of my childhood growing up in. The style is a little different. It’s no the typical brick house but has a kind of layered stone look to it. This one story house is a cozy little home and one filled with memories.



Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

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The stadium has always been a building full of fun memories. My dad used to always get tickets for us to go to the football games and we would yell and cheer loud for the sooners. The new remodel has been looking pretty nice. but the original building will always have its place in my heart throguh the memories I have in those games. I have always loved attending the football games here in Norman because the atmoshpere is remarkable. The stadium was always filled with noise and cheer as our team took care of business but now the enclosed remodel makes that sound even louder. It’s an experience that I would ecourage every OU fan to try and attend. The stadiums architecture has a ton of detail and looks like an intricate piece of art. It’s a really cool place with a really nice appeal.




Mayfield Middle School

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This is the middle school I went to while I was in junior high. The outside of th building always had a depressing tone to it because there was not much color and just looked “blocky.” I was never very excited to walk into the building because the outside view of it was so unappealing. Luckily for the students who attend the school now are experiencing a remodelled building. The building now has a nice brick finish and looks inviting rather that depressing. I did enjoy my time at the school but the building itself was never really anything spectacular to look at.Image result for mayfield middle school oklahoma city