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Wells Fargo Center, Minneapolis, MN

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architect-Cesar Pelli

Bryce Lewis Post #6

This building is the third tallest building in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The tower was completed in 1988 and it is 774 feet tall with 57 floors. This building to me reminds me of sears tower a bit even though it does not have a point at the top and the color is more of a tan rather than black. At night, the building is lit up on the side of the building. It was recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as one of the 100 most energy efficient buildings in the USA.

wells-fargo-center-1 wells-fargo-minneapolis--night_hres_web

Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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architect-Cesar Pelli

Bryce Lewis post #5

They broke ground in 1992 and completed the buildings in 1996. These towers are described as a post-modern style with 88 floors. Each floor is reinforced with concrete. The face of the building has a steel and glassy look. The location of the towers is in Malaysia. These twin towers were also the tallest buildings in the world from 1998-2004. I do see similarities with the Petronas twin towers and the Wells Fargo Center. The Wells Fargo Center is more of a sharp square look and the twin towers are more of a rounder outer surface.

pentronas twin towers petronas-towers_700_0 petronas-twin-towers

Connecticut Science Center, Hartford, CT

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architect-Cesar Pelli

Bryce Lewis post #4

This building opened in 2009. The purpose of the building was to promote science to the state’s youth and to help urban revitalization. The best parts of the buildings to me are the many windows and the abstract figures sticking out to give the building a distinctive look to catch people’s eyes. The building was built to have a green outlook LEED, which is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. 95% of the building’s steel comes from recycled cars. There was the use of local manufacturing building products during construction, reducing the impact on the environment from transportation.


CT science center 2 centria_connecticut_science_center_1

Winter Garden, New York City, NY

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architect-Cesar Pelli

Bryce Lewis post #3

This complex was built in 1988 where it houses plants and trees. The Winter Garden was originally connected with the World Trade Center. After September 11, the atrium was severely damaged. The glass panels were destroyed by the dust clouds. The reconstruction was estimated at a cost of around 50 million. The Winter Garden can host concerts and has had an exhibit of the recovery process from the destruction of the World Trade Center. The Winter Garden is definitely a place I want to visit in the future!

NYC Winter Gardens 2 The Winter Garden after the 9-11 attacks Winter Gardens NYC 3 winter garden NYC 1

Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles CA

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architect-Cesar Pelli

Bryce Lewis post #2

Pacific Design Center- under red building Pacific-Design-Center_1 Pacific design center 3Located in West Hollywood, this building was designed in parts. 14 acres totaling just under 1,500,000 square feet is a great place to host. There is the Center Green finished in 1988, Central Blue, and the Red Building finished in 2011. The campus opened in 1975 starting with the Central Blue. The Pacific Design Center is used for screenings, meeting and special events.

Torre Sevilla, Spain

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Architect- Cesar Pelli

Bryce Lewis post #1

This is a new urban skyline that is 37 stories. The building has more of a cylinder look and thinner in diameter as it rises. With the glass surrounding the building, it is a great reminder of the environmental sustainability they are striving for. The campus that it is built on is conscious of keeping nature around the modernization of the city. torre-cajasol-sevilla-espana torre-cajasol-seville- torre-cajasol-seville-spain3 torre-cajasol-pelli-sevilla2

Los Angeles Fresh Market, Los Angeles CA

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groundfloor of the LA market Los Angeles Farmers Market 1

What I like about it is a lot of the market is outdoors. There are many stores or restaurants, but they all are packed together and local. A great atmosphere for a Saturday. To go with the freshness of the food or markets/stores, the design of the complex makes most things outside. It almost has a feeling you’re in a different country once you walk in.

It was very enjoyable to go and I wish Norman had something like this to where there was more interacting with people and their local businesses in a close environment like this.  I want to be able to move to California in the near future, hopefully the San Jose/San Francisco Area.

Post #6-Bryce Lewis

Los Angeles Farmers Market map

The Getty, Los Angeles

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view over garden to the getty center, los angeles, california, usa
view over garden to the getty center, los angeles, california, usa

One of the top wonders of the world when it comes to museums. I did not know this before I went. I appreciate in more now that I know this. I want to go back soon! When I went here during winter break, the things that I remember the most was the building and the central garden. Studying Environmental Studies drew me more to the garden part of the museum. The architecture of the building is very impressive. But I will still say the flow of the water formations, flower arrangements, and their overall landscape gave more definition to the building and drew me to the building and museum. Having a beautiful landscape is a nice compliment to any structure and honestly a very important part of architecture.


Post #5-Bryce Lewis

Los Angeles/Palmdale Aqueduct

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Post #4-Bryce Lewis

17 Oct 2014 --- The California Aqueduct in the Mojave Desert near Palmdale CA. --- Image by © Steve Proehl/Proehl Studios/Corbis
17 Oct 2014 — The California Aqueduct in the Mojave Desert near Palmdale CA. — Image by © Steve Proehl/Proehl Studios/Corbis

Being able to see this during the day is a spectacle to see. The amount of water that the aqueduct holds is amazing, not to mention the great view of the city. Over winter break I went to Palmdale for Christmas, this is where my girlfriend’s parents live.

The reason why I think this aqueduct or aqueducts are important particularly in architecture is they can affect how the architect designs cities. In the picture shown, you see that the stream created specifically goes around the city rather than through. Designing an aqueduct like this can help with adding more housing and give more freedom to the builders because there is less to deal with to build around for one example.

Overlook of the City of Palmdale. (Aqueduct on the left)


Meads Corner, Wichita, KS

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The front side of meads

Post #3-Bryce Lewis

Something about me is I love coffee. Wichita is where I grew up and this was my favorite coffee shop to go to. I miss it dearly. What I like about the building is that it has a clay style on the top half of the building (I like the texture of a mesa style) and the bottom half gives it more of an American feel with the brick. It is located downtown Wichita closer to the older buildings. Oldtown Wichita has more brick, so this building stays with its roots but gives it more of a European feel i.e. Italian

The reason why I pick out this place as significant to me is because not only is it one of my favorite coffee shops period, but this is where I went to do homework or met my mentor from my bible study for years, until I transferred to OU. I associate this place with the word home and comfort. Whenever I need a go to place back home, this is where I go. Reminiscing about memories is important to me and Meads Corner provided many memorable ones for me.

Meads Corner