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Lakewood Texas House

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Architect Post 4- James Livingstone

O’Neil Ford and Arch Swank designed a home in 1939 that I particularly admire in Lakewood, Dallas, TX. This home was constructed for the Brombergs in a modern design with a vintage approach. The materials for the house were brought in locally with all the wood from the house being mahogany from the island, and concrete blocks made of oyster shells and beach sand.


Like many O’Neil homes this house was built with a serene and peaceful feel, situated in Lakewood on a private road upon several acres of private land.  This theme was also consistent with Bromberg’s intentions for a home which he read about in a poem by Rupert Brooke. The private road was thus also named Wendover which matched with the poem.

O'Neil Ford house 3

Turtle Creek Park Home

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Architect Post 3 -James Livingstone

O’Neil Ford designed several homes in Dallas, Texas one of them being a Texas Modern house alongside Rock Creek.

O'Neil Ford house

This home is situated at the top of a hill in Turtle Creek Park which makes for amazing views.  The home was designed by O’Neil Ford and Arch Swank in 1939 with the intention of having the qualities of modern architecture in Europe at the time.

O'Neil Ford house 2

The home had been maintained and untouched for over 60 years. It was recently renovated with updated fixtures but still keeps its original elegant feel.

Tower of the Americas

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Architect Post 2- James Livingstone

Tower of the Americas 1

The Tower of the Americas is a 750 foot observation tower and restaurant located in Downtown San Antonio, Texas. It was built as the theme structure of the 1968 World’s Fair.

Tower of the Americas 3

It is the tallest building in San Antonio, and the 27th tallest building in Texas. It surpasses the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.

Tower of the Americas 2

Construction began in August 9, 1966 and took 18 months to complete. Cables and Oil field pipes were used to hoist the tophouse of the building into place.

A restaurant was added to the top of the tower by Frontier Enterprises, and it operated for more than three decades until Landry’s bought the location in 2004.


O’Neil Ford

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Architect Post 1- James Livingstone

O’Neil Ford was an American architect from Texas who became a leading architect in the American Southwest. Though he is not very famous he was the only individual ever to be designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Council of the Arts.

O'Neil Ford

Ford was a strong preservationist and built his structures accordingly. He was influenced by the English Arts and Crafts Movement and was elected a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 1960.

One of his works built during the Great Depression and named one of Texas’ most outstanding architectural achievements is Little Chapel in the Woods.

Little Chapel in the woods

This building helps to reflect the preservationist ideals that Ford held strongly.

He is known significantly for buildings in Denton, Dallas, San Antonio, and Kerrville which include the Little Chapel in the Woods, University of Dallas, Trinity University, Tower of the Americas, Museum of Western Art, and many more.


Big Ben

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Post 4 – James Livingstone

It is arguably the most famous clocktower in the world. It is a popular symbol of British architecture and history. It has been featured in countless films and television shows from James Bond to Shanghai Knights.

London Big Ben and traffic on Westminster Bridge

I visited London in 2014 and it was my favorite building of all the ones i saw. It is situated right along next to the Houses of Parliament and the river Thames.


It is a spot that you won’t want to miss when visiting London, England. It is built in Gothic Revival style and was completed in 1859.



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Post 3- James Livingstone


mcdonalds 1

There’s one every 500 miles in every direction you drive. They are hard to miss, and their golden arches are a trademark in design. McDonald’s is the most successful fast food chain ever and though their food isn’t 5 star quality, it is cheap and it is fast and that is in very high demand. It can be found in almost every country in the world, and even if you don’t speak the same language, people will know what McDonald’s is.

mcdonalds 2


I’ve been to a lot of McDonald’s in my lifetime, I’ve been to one’s in America, China, Indonesia, Singapore, England, Scotland, and Australia . Though the menus can differ slightly, they are all basically composed of the same quick and cheap food.

mcdonalds 4

It is not my favorite place to eat, but i have chosen to eat there many times especially in places where i was not sure of any other restaurants. You can always count on McDonald’s to have familiar food.

mcdonalds 3

I like the colorful exteriors and updated and snazzy interiors of McDonald’s and find it an appealing place to patrons.

I’m lovin it

Bizzell Memorial Library

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James Livingstone


The south and north ovals at OU would not be the same without the Bizzell Memorial library. It is in my opinion the best work of architecture that OU has on display, and they display it proudly.BIzzell

Its architecture is known as Cherokee Gothic and it was designed by Layton Hicks and Forsyth in 1928. It features a refined exterior and equally as appealing interior with its Great Reading Room.

bizzell 2

It is a gathering place anyone who wants to get some work done and has plenty of resources to help.

Warwick Castle

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James Livingstone-Post 1Warwick castle aerial view

I have a lot of family in England, and when we get a chance to visit one of the places we frequently go is Warwick Castle. I’ve always liked how preserved and huge this castle is, especially in comparison to similar castles that have not survived as well through time. The castle has a mixture of a more imposing and strong exterior, as well as a grand and lavish interior with rooms designed for kings.


The castle itself was built in 1068 by William the Conqueror in the county town of Warwickshire, England. Originally it was a wooden motte-and-bailey castle before being rebuilt in stone in the 12th century. It stood as a stronghold until the 17th century when Sir Fulke Greville converted it into a country house. It now serves as a popular tourist attraction.

Warwick-Castle-inside weaposn


The interior of the castle features many armor and weapons of the medieval period that the castle is famous for.  And the grounds around the castle feature elegant gardens whose landscaping was first recorded in 1534.



The entire place is a wonder to behold from its majestic walls and towers to its refined and sculpted rooms and ornate gardens. It is definitely within the top ten places I’ve ever visited.