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Skandia Cinema

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The Skandia Cinema opened in September of 1923 with 823 seats. The theatre currently only has 572 seats. The ceiling of the cinema had 60 silk star shaped lamps that were turned off one by one before the start of the film. As Asplund’s other buildings he built the cinema with a neo-classical design, with a semi-atmospheric ceiling. In 1926 there was an 2 Manual/7 Rank theatre organ that was installed and opened by organist Willard Ringstrand. In 1960 the organ was removed. In the recent years the fate of the theatre was unsure. From 1968-1991 the theatre was renamed to the Look Theatern, then reverted back to its original name. In 1996 the theatre closed and reopened in 1999, closing again in July of 2000. The future of the theatre is still unsure.






The Snellman House

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The Snellman House is another one of Gunnar Asplund’s most famous building that was built during his time. It was built in 1917 on the outskirts of Stockholm in Djursholm. When building this house Asplund used a traditional Swedish neo-classical design. The house was built in an attempt to accommodate in a structure that is the width of one and a half rooms wide. The ground floor height is 2.6 m, the upper floor bedroom height is 2.5 m, “the gallery” height is 2.2 m and the upper hall height is 3.2 m. This house is said to display “a great sensitivity to the possibilities offered by the site, creating a house that is elegant, functional and full of quiet inventive wit” (Gunnar Asplund).





Lister County Courthouse

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This is one of Asplund’s most famous buildings. It was built in the year 1917 in Solvesborg, Sweden. It has an urban context with a Mannerist style. This building is the most theatrical  building that Asplund ever built.  The thing that makes the building so theatrical is the  design that he gave the four faades. They each have a different  characteristic to them that makes the theatrical feel so apparent. They are designed like stage sets that do not relate to one another or tell much about what is happening.






Villa Sturegården

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The architect that I was assigned was Gunnar Asplund. Gunnar Asplund was a Swedish architect, mostly known for his representation of Nordic Classism. The first building that he built was the Villa Sturegården. Villa Sturegården was a house that he built in the town of Nyköping, Sweden, and it was completed in the year 1913. This was a free-standing two story house with neoclassic style. On the first floor of the house it had the kitchen, the living room, rooms for the parents, children, and servants. This early work by Gunnar Asplund was said to have reflected his attention for detail. There are numerous interior details that have his personal mark. Asplund also designed a number of the original  items for the house, such as: tables, chairs, sofa, bookcase, and weather vane.






Sam Noble Museum

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This is the museum that all Oklahomans have come to love and enjoy, except for me! As child I visited this museum almost every year in elementary school! Visiting this museum three years in a row ruined it for me. I hear people talking about it today and how they love taking their children there and I cringe! I hear they have made may modifications to the museum since i was younger, but I refuse to go again and see for myself. The first year in elementary school when we visited I was intrigued and enjoyed it. The second year it was still pretty exciting and it was a day I got to spend out of the classroom. By the third year I was totally over it and would have rather spent the day learning inside the classroom rather than visiting this museum again! For those who have never gone, I think you should go at least once, they had some pretty cool things in there when I was a kid and I have heard they’ve made modifications, I’m sure it’s even better now.


Oklahoma City Memorial

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Although I was only a baby at the time of this tragic event. This is something that has impacted the lives of many Oklahomans and is something that we will always remember no matter how old we were at the time that this happened. This is something that was taught to me in school over and over again because it had that big of an impact on our state. I remember being taken here for fields trips in grade school and being taught that is something that will never be forgotten. If you were raised in Oklahoma this is something that will always be near and dear to your heart. If you’re not from Oklahoma I suggest that you go visit, even the atmosphere while you’re there is different from when you got there. It’s as if you can feel the impact it had on everyone. You feel very empathetic and sad and maybe even a little overwhelmed, but it is worth the visit. okcmemorial okcmemorial2 okcmemorial3

Holiday Inn Resort

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I had stayed in many Holiday Inn’s before this, however I had never stayed in a Holiday Inn Resort. Me and my three friends stayed in the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida three years ago for our first college spring break trip. The building was built so that it had a curve to, and every morning at 11:00am they would “It’s a Circle of Life” from the Lion King to wake everyone up. Everyone would come out of their rooms and stand on their balcony for the duration of the song and since the building had a curve to it we could see everyone who were staying at the resort at the time and it was easy to make new friends with your neighbors. Within the curve of the hotel was the pool and after the pool was the beach. If you haven’t gone to Panama City Beach (PCB), Florida I definitely recommend it and suggest you stay at the Holiday Inn Resort!


Walker Tower at the University of Oklahoma

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Walker Tower is where it all began. It was the first step to becoming an adult. I lived in Walker Tower my first semester of college, I was on the fourth floor. I remember Move-In Day like it was yesterday.  My mother and grandfather came with me to help me move my things into the dorm. While they were there they got to meet my roommate and her parents. The weeks leading up to Move-In Day were ecstatic. I was so excited to move out of the house and be on my own and begin college. Until it was time for my mother and grandfather to leave. As I watched them drive away and head back home my heart was crushed. Here I was, I was actually on my own. I felt sad and overwhelmed, I just wanted them to turn around and come back and stay with me for a little longer. Walker Tower means so much to me. It was my first step to becoming a first generation college student for my family. It was where I began to make a name for myself and my family. I may not be anyone important or rich once I graduate, but for my family I accomplished something they could not or did not get the chance to.