USAFA Chapel

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USAFA chapel

This is the Chapel at the United States Air Force Academy.  I was born at the hospital down the street in 1994 but this chapel had a large impact on me.   The chapel was completed in 1962 by Walter Netsch and Harold E. Wagoner.  Every time I have been up to the Academy I have to see this gorgeous building.  The aspects of the building are flawless, every inch is perfect.  The lines, the points, the bumps, everything!  

The Louvre

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The Louvre by I. M. Pei is an absolute stunning building and creation but when I went I was only 12 and I absolutely hated every second of it.  I was not thrilled to be there in the first place.  Long flights on a family vacation I did not have much of a say in.  I wanted to go on a cruise.  We walked for hours around the floors and I do remember seeing the Mona Lisa and that being the highlight of my day, but I just did not enjoy being there.  Looking back I remember the details in the buildings because I was excited to walk into the glass pyramid.

The Oklahoma Memorial Union

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The Memorial Union in the place for action. It reminds me of a bee hive. Everyone is busy doing something. The are eating, visiting friends, studying, etc. It’s busy from sunrise to sunset. Every one seems to have a purpose and are working to get something done.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of crowded, busy places. Which is why I only go there whenever I need to do something. However, the Union never ceases to amaze me. It is a great site for people watching, and seeing everyone go about their life.

The exterior of the building is the well known Cherokee Gothic that is so prevalent around campus.  It’s bold and almost intimidating.

Snapchat-3908800892821559993 20170302_170729

Devon Energy Hall

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Devon Energy Hall is one of my favorite buildings on campus, and one of the buildings that I spend the most time in. There’s nothing really spectacular about it, but it’s definitely built to be a good place to get stuff done. The abundance of windows make it very bright and pleasant inside. It’s definitely one of the better places to work through a long problem set because it doesn’t feel like you’re locked away in some sort of dungeon doing endless calculations. The building is also designed to encourage collaboration, with big tables and well lit team meeting rooms on every floor.

Dedication of the Devon Energy Hall at OU  Tues. Jan. 26, 2010. Photo by Jaconna Aguirre, The Oklahoman. ORG XMIT: KOD

Another really cool feature of Devon is the deck on the top floor. The deck is sheltered from any weather except for wind, and has an amazing view of OU’s campus, particularly the stadium. This deck provides a nice spot to be outside, but have some protection from the elements to make it a better environment to study in.



St. Joseph’s Oratory – Montreal, Quebec

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Ernesto Fuentes Post #4


I went to Montreal in 2014 to visit a friend, and one of the first places we went to was St. Joseph’s Oratory. As a young man who’d been raised Catholic all his life, and had only ever been to one small and modest church by his neighborhood, I was excited to see a church with so much history and significance.


The church sits on a hill, and before you can get to it, there’s a long series of winding stairs, leading to the picture above. There is a spiritual tradition there, where anyone can pray on the steps of the stairs, taking them up one at a time on their knees. It was hard enough doing it with my feet, so I couldn’t imagine doing the whole thing on my knees.


The church was originally built in 1904 as a wooden chapel. Through the years, a crypt chapel was built, a Basilica, and enlarged on four different occasions. Because of this, it works as an ensemble of different architectural styles, molding designs from the early 1900s all the way to the mid 1960s. It was a beautiful church, and had a profoundly powerful impact on me. I can’t wait to visit again.

Ernesto Fuentes Post #4

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Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

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This museum means so much to me. I come here whenever I need to think clearly and calm down when things get a little too stressful for me. I’ve been here enough times for the artwork to become familiar, but being in this quiet place always gives me a sense of peace.

The art collections in this museum may seem small but it is wholesome. And the new exhibitions are always fun to see.

The exterior is just as beautiful as the art inside. I like the symmetry of the cube-shaped buildings with its pyramid roof tops. It stands out among the other building around campus since its has such a light color palette, contrasting against the red brick buildings.

20170302_173427 111111111

CenturyLink Stadium

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This is CenturyLink Stadium home of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders. While I went to Seattle I got visit the stadium. As the stadium is home to my favorite NFL team I enjoyed the visit. The structure was built to help maximize sound, but also take up less carbon footprint. For a city that tries to be in forefront of being green, it sets a great example. They city originally funded this project in partnership with the team owners. The city as a whole tries to make a big impact on the environment as you see greenery everywhere. To be a taxi, Uber, or Lyft driver that can give rides to and from the airport, an electric vehicle is required.



                The stadium is similar to most modern stadiums. Although it doesn’t have a bowl type structure the two coverings that cover the two sides of the stadium help magnify sound. The stadium has been known around the league as the loudest stadium and coined the term, the 12th man. The area in which the stadium was built gives players some disadvantages as the winds and moisture have affected kickers mainly. The proximity to Puget Sound is the main cause for this. But, to be able to sit in that Stadium and enjoy a Seattle Seahawks game would be magnificent.

Pat Neff Hall

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This is picture of Baylor’s Pat Neff Hall. It houses most of the administration and is where Baylor’s president’s office is located. While visiting Waco, I toured the campus and got to see how the campus was organized to help foster the growth of the students. The campus contains tons of scenery and contains many study spots for students to enjoy studying outside. The visit was enjoyable as I got to enjoy tons of local food and also got to watch OU beat Baylor in football.

(Picture Taken from Baylor Website)


The buildings through campus are different as some building have an Elizabethan style, but some of the new buildings have a simpler approach. The new buildings also promote student collaboration by having study rooms that they can meet in, but also classrooms that limit size for certain classes and labs as it promotes more one on one teaching. The campus itself is pretty big. Pat Neff Hall also promotes the religious background of the school. On the sides of the building are two scriptures. Also its most distinctive feature is its gold roof which was originally stainless steel during the time of its original construction.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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This is the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center located in Seattle, Washington. This facility houses some of the best research being done in the world regarding cancer therapy. They have a housing facility and cafeteria area for patients and their family members during the course of their treatment. Fred Hutchinson has had a good success story and have some of the best faculty members in their respective fields. During my trip I got to visit and facility, see the labs, and also interact with some of the faculty/graduate students. The community and administration always go a step further for their patients and recently bought out a neighboring hotel to be able to house even more patients. The patient care is second to none in my opinion.

FredHutch_StudioMatthews_01 Vessel_02-1280x856

The structure of the entire campus is built to help foster academic ideas and bring forth advancements in science. They have strategically placed labs in a way to initiate collaboration. The campus originally started out on the University of Washington campus and eventually became its own entity. They have taken a modern approach on building structures with simplicity in mind. They have supported local artists and placed lots of work through the campus with local artist structures, paintings, and pictures. They have also taken patients artwork and decided to display that. Being in Seattle it is home to some of the brightest minds in the world as it is being dubbed the next Silicon Valley. It also houses some Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation research laboratories. There are numerous entrepreneurs, C.E.O.s , and pharmaceuticals fostering they next generation of medicine. 

Michael F. Price Center for Genetic and Translational Medicine and Harold and Muriel Block Research Pavilion

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This is the . This building is a part of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (AECOM) at Yeshiva University in Bronx, New York. My freshman year I got to intern at AECOM for one month and I spent majority of my time in the Michael F. Price building. The building has a modern approach to architecture and is completely different than the other buildings on campus. My time here was enjoyable due to the many fascinating researchers I met and different aspects of research I was exposed to.


The architecture that designed the building wanted to show off science in a new aspect. As you walk the hallways you see the many influences through the building as the staircase is meant to look like a DNA strand or the office spaces are meant to imitate a cellular environment. It represents that science exists at every corner and is applicable in many places. It also shows off the diverse background of numerous people working there by incorporating their backgrounds into the building with the design. The placement of the campus is interesting as it is located in at the heart of a Jewish community. The very diverse backgrounds of people, but the surrounding areas have different types of restaurants as you would expect in New York.