Hawaii State Capitol Building

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Everybody on my dad’s side of the family has lived in Hawaii for generations. My dad is the first person to move from Hawaii to the Mainland in decades. Because everyone on his side of the family still lives there, my family and I get to visit Hawaii every year or two. One of the buildings we like to visit in Honolulu, is the state capitol building.

It was designed and built in 1969 by a partnership between Belt, Lemon, and Lo architecture firms, and with the help of John Carl Warnecke. They put a great deal of thought into the design of the building, allowing it to hold a great deal of symbolism for various natural aspects of the Hawaiian islands.


For starters, surrounding the building is a large reflecting pool to symbolize how the Pacific Ocean surrounds the islands.


Additionally, when you stand in the center of the courtyard of the capitol building and look up, it is meant to appear as though you are looking up from inside a volcano. This is symbolic of Mount Mauna Kea and the volcanos that formed the islands of Hawaii. The sides of the “volcanic cone” are formed by two legislative chambers, each of which contains a chandelier specially designed to symbolize the sun and moon.


Lastly, the building is surrounded by tall, white columns. Each individual column has designs to mimic that of a royal palm tree, and there are eight columns on each side of the building to symbolize the eight main islands of Hawaii.

Considering all of the thought that went into the design of the capitol building in Honolulu, I think it makes the already beautiful building, that much more amazing, and it is definitely an incredible sight to see if you are every in Honolulu!

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

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Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art is one of my favorite buildings on campus for a multitude of reasons. For starters, I love the art in the gallery. I think it is an amazing selection of art, and I love to walk through and read about all the pieces.


However, in the context of architecture,  I think it is interesting in the sense that the building was intentionally designed to be perfectly symmetrical.


As you can see by the photo above, the buildings and landscaping are perfectly symmetrical right down the center. Additionally, I’m not sure if this was intentional, but I personally think the buildings sort of look like sharpened pencils, with the dark sky lights being the lead tips. Like I said, I may have made that up myself, but I like to think it was part of the ironic design plan, considering it’s the museum of art.

Texas Stadium-Charlton Nwaefulu

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When you hear the word Texas you start to think about Whataburger, big state, trucks, etc. One thing everyone else thinks about is football. Born in Ft. Worth, i grew up as a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and have been a fan ever since. from watching the remaining years of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and Deion Sanders to watching the beginning of Tony Romo’s career, the Cowboys have been a quintessential part of my life and always wanting to go to a game had been on my bucket list and i got to live that experience the day they played the Vikings. 4862842_orig

i don’t remember much of the game since i was 3 years old at the time but i do understand the outcome now, Randy Moss had brutally dismantled us that game and everyone in the stadium was completely upset at the fact that this tragedy had happened and it happened to be on Thanksgiving which was on my dad’s birthday. this building has a significant impact on me because it was the very first time i had got to watch a NFL game live and it happened to be my favorite team. we always used to pass by this stadium while we are in Irving.


When they tore down the building in 2008, i was sad because i was so used to seeing the stadium being in Irving. Even though the new stadium got built closer to my old apt, i cherished the memories i got of watching not only a game live but watching Cowboys games being played in Texas Stadium.  History was made in that stadium and it will remain THE home of Americas Team.





Caddie mines sprinkle opportunity.

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Oklahoma City Memorial

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Although I was only a baby at the time of this tragic event. This is something that has impacted the lives of many Oklahomans and is something that we will always remember no matter how old we were at the time that this happened. This is something that was taught to me in school over and over again because it had that big of an impact on our state. I remember being taken here for fields trips in grade school and being taught that is something that will never be forgotten. If you were raised in Oklahoma this is something that will always be near and dear to your heart. If you’re not from Oklahoma I suggest that you go visit, even the atmosphere while you’re there is different from when you got there. It’s as if you can feel the impact it had on everyone. You feel very empathetic and sad and maybe even a little overwhelmed, but it is worth the visit. okcmemorial okcmemorial2 okcmemorial3

Devon Energy Building

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This is the Devon Energy Building that is in downtown OKC. I love OKC. I have been born and raised in OKC and I still live there and just commute to Norman because I love the area so much.  This building is not only just a cool building, but to me it represents the strength and growth in OKC. The center of the center of the building echo’s your voice when you stand directly under it. This is mesmerizing, but also intellectual and to me represents the inner voice of OKC and how it can resinate and echo throughout the state and nation.


Lastly, I love that the top of the building is a V. I am not sure if this was intentionally done or just a coincidence, but to me it stands for Victory. When you stand at the OKC Memorial the V is faced directly at it. This city has had good and bad times, but through the triumph we have victory.


Margaret Burchett- Blog 4

Oak Tree National

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Oak Tree Clubhouse

Since July 2014, Oak Tree National has been my work place. It has provided me with many amazing memories and friends.

Oak Tree Clubhouse Back

I began working there for the 2014 US Senior Open Golf Tournament, and only expected to be employed for that week, however I was lucky enough to get asked to stick around for a little longer. Fortunately, “a little longer” turned into years, and now it’s more or a second home than a work place. Some of my favorite parts about working at Oak Tree are watching the sun rise in the morning. When I have to open the clubhouse, I have to arrive to work at 5:30am, which sounds dreadful at first, but it’s actually really peaceful in the mornings since most people don’t arrive until closer to 7:00am. In the meantime, I sit in the dining room and wait for the sun’s rays to begin to peek up over the horizon. As the sun rises, the deep orange light begins to crawl across the golf course and shines through the back wall of windows to fill the dining room with light.

Oak Tree Dining Room

Since the entire back wall of the dining room consists of windows from the floor to the ceiling, it provides the diners with a beautiful view of the golf course from every seat. Additionally, I always really liked the ceiling design inside the dining room. You can sort of see in the above photograph, but the ceiling has long, wooden columns that span the entire ceiling, and I think they add a new dimension to the interior design and add depth to the ceiling that looks very interesting.

Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium – Norman, OK

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Ernesto Fuentes, Post #1

I transferred here last semester, and got to experience my first Oklahoma Sooners football game. I had been to plenty of other college and professional football games before, but none like the ones I went to last fall. The stadium has an old feel to it, but not in a negative way, more like a nostalgic vibe. You can feel the history, seeing the plaques, engravings, and statues of former heroes and championship teams. There’s a lore to this program, and it makes the stadium feel almost mythical.

Inside the stadium, I sat in the student section, where everyone stands for the entire game. I had never experienced a crowd like that before. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. And no matter who was on the field, no matter what the score was, everyone was involved and cheering on our Sooners.


This stadium is what made me feel like I had really transferred. For the first couple weeks, I was just a student adjusting to a new place, a new school, and meeting new friends. But when gameday came, the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium made Norman feel like my new home.

Ernesto Fuentes, Post #1



Sheats Goldstein Residence

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Goldstein house 1


Originally built between 1961 and 1963 by architect John Lautner in Los Angeles. The building holds a uniqueness in how the furniture resides in the house. The furniture is built into the foundation; the house was constructed from the inside out. The house was built in this fashion due to the difficultly of its land. Lautner designed the house knowing the locations difficult building site, which attributes to its uniqueness.

Goldstein house 2

Currently owned by James Goldstein who is credited for its look today. His renovations took nearly 20 years to ‘perfect’ the house. His house appears in multiple movies such as the Big Lebowski.

Goldstein house 3

Besides being a work of art, his house is the definition of wealth- with the owner having a net worth of 100 million. This house is defiantly a house one could dream of.

Madrid Airport (MAD)

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Heather Turner, Post 4

Appropriately abbreviated, the Madrid Airport was a source of turmoil for me during my study abroad trip to Italy, and therefore, the airport I remember best. I passed through this airport from the Fiumicino airport in Rome to O’Hare in Chicago, and spent a day navigating the various terminals after missing my flight.


The ceilings are vaguely reminiscent of the Dulles International Airport’s, as shown in the 10 Buildings that Changed America video. However, Madrid’s ceilings are more “wavy,” leading to a sense of whimsy. The supports are brightly colored in a rainbow pattern down the terminal, which adds to that sense of playfulness, hopefully alleviating some of the passengers’ stress. The terminals also feature large, floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light to pour in, both reducing electricity costs and allowing the space to feel larger.


In the underground area to move between terminals, a very different type of light is employed. Large, circular florescent light fixtures line the ceiling in straight lines, guiding the eye down the hall and toward the various terminals and exits. The lights are also reflected on the white floor, once again creating a sense of depth.


One of the most interesting features in the airport is a rail system that runs from the terminal with international incoming flights to the terminal with international outgoing flights, and vice versa. This allows for two separate buildings to be quickly navigated between, expediting travel for international travelers.